Hello guys, Ubong Ephraim here and welcome to a fresh episode Polygon spotlight with Ubong Ephraim.
On this series I highlight happenings on Polygon, such as projects and DApps integrated on Polygon, Polygon’s integrations on protocols, partnerships and other important updates.


Polygon is a blockchain solution that provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions using Plasma side chains and a Proof-of-Stake network. Polygon has made an effort to resolve the issues of scalability and usability without making a compromise on decentralization. It is an off/side chain scaling solution for existing platforms to provide scalability and superior user experience to DApps/user functionalities. Polygon was created to solve the problem of scalability associated with most blockchains and also accelerate transaction speeds. When developers seek to deploy their solutions using blockchain technology, speed and scalability are two utmost features they look out for. Polygon solves these problems very well while adding additional features such as a smooth user experience and security. More than 70 dApps have been built on Polygon, ranging from DeFi protocols to games and prediction markets. With more validator nodes being onboarded on Polygon progressively, it is on the path to full decentralization and becoming the most sought after Layer 2 network in the blockchain ecosystem.

Today we would be highlighting the recent partnerships Polygon has had in March 2021


OIN is delighted to announce its latest partnership with Polygon, a top-notch layer 2 blockchain which provides secure, scalable and instant transactions. Matic, rebranded as Polygon, has pivoted towards addressing DeFi loopholes by becoming the most popular and talked-about platform for running Dapps. With this partnership, OIN will integrate MATIC tokens using OINDAO to issue stablecoins.

According to Richie Li, the co-founder of OIN, “The more our project (and the OINDAO) grows, the more excited we are. We’re getting all types of projects, from larger projects, to incredibly popular projects (like Polygon), as well as the smaller projects that fill out the rest of the space. We are truly well on our way to delivering DeFi to all of the blockchain space! We welcome Polygon, and can’t wait to see them live on OINDAO!”

What does this partnership entail?

Polygon is one the largest crypto platform that leverages the Plasma framework and PoS network securing the assets. Polygon is consistently making the crypto world accessible to even small investors by supporting low gas fees and quick transaction time. Its efforts have been incessant and persistent in this direction.

By integrating Polygon’s MATIC tokens to the OIN network, it’ll enable Polygon to issue their stablecoins allowing users to earn yield and staking bonus while providing the security and boosting liquidity leveraging of OIN’s asset pools.


Sushiswap went live on the Polygon network as they were going multichain. This move saw Polygon taking the first step towards top and major DeFi protocols on layer 2.

With this integration, users can provide liquidity and swap tokens with negligible fees and high speeds.


Stater is an open-source P2P lending platform for NFT assets that helps you unlock and leverage the value of your NFTs without losing ownership.

They will be integrating the Polygon layer 2 network into their infrastructure to ensure a fluid user experience for their users


OpenPredict has partnered with Polygon (formerly Matic Network), leveraging Polygon’s L2 scaling solution to increase the scalability of OpenPredict’s platform, reduce transaction cost, and improve the overall user experience.

OpenPredict, a grant recipient of Polygon’s Ecosystem Fund, recently announced the upcoming launch of it’s first product called OpenMarket, a platform designed to enable anyone to speculate on virtually anything. With OpenMarket, anyone can create a topic, also known as a liquidity thread, to promote discussion and social sharing. Thread creators can share their opinion on a future outcome by launching a market. Users who are interested in the topic can participate in the speculation by taking the same or opposite side.

The partnership with Polygon will allow OpenPredict users to benefit from seamless, low-cost, and instant transactions. In addition, we are excited to be integrating $OPT token to Polygon Wallet.


Zerion recently integrated with Polygon.

Now you can track your Polygon balances directly from Zerion, a one of-a-kind platform for DeFi portfolio tracking and investment.

Track now: http://app.zerion.io


Polkamarkets’ partnership with Polygon (former Matic Network) will provide scaling solutions and to facilitate low fee and fast trading on Polkamarkets. As an Ethereum interoperability protocol, Polygon will facilitate Polkamarkets’ vision of being a cross-chain information exchange platform built on blockchains.

Polkamarkets’ partnership with Polygon enables them to scale up their Ethereum implementation of their prediction market technology to mass users while not subjecting them to high fees or long confirmation times

Additionally, since Polygon enables one-click blockchain integrations into Ethereum with other blockchains such as Polkadot, this allows them a way to augment their interoperability with other chains.


Ramp Network added #USDC and #DAI on Polygon chain. With this integration you can skip the gas fees and buy your stablecoins at http://ramp.network/buy!


Amasa will be building out a world first micro income investment platform, utilising technical frameworks provided by Polygon (previously Matic), a leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution provider.

Building on top of Polygon as a technical partner working with their development team will streamline the platform build process, allowing Amasa to launch live sooner and ship added features faster. Polygon provides solutions to crucial technical limitations of scalability and cost of transactions that have been roadblocks in the path of building on the Ethereum blockchain.

By building on Polygon, Amasa will be setting a foundation that can scale to the mass adoption user levels anticipated over time, while reducing transaction times and costs to a near-zero level, enabling our vision of decentralised investment streaming to be executed far more rapidly and robustly.


DIGITALAX is delighted to announce an official partnership with MATIC Network (Now Polygon) in order to scale to true and global mass adoption. Every human is a player and MATIC allows us to bring full democratisation to the industry. This is long overdue in gaming, digital fashion and beyond.

MATIC is the leading sophisticated Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum network and is architected to enable rapid scale, lower barriers to entry, access for all and extremely low gas costs.

DIGITALAX is launching the first BETA of ESPA. ESPA is the first Casual Esports platform for indie devs and modded content. Players will purchase digital fashion NFTs directly from our MATIC integrated DIGITALAX marketplace. These digital fashion items are taken in-game by the Players where they can start engaging in casual esports battles to earn $MONA across the different indie and modded gaming, VR, 3D content. All digital fashion is purchased with $MONA, also deployed on MATIC


DxSale becomes the first decentralized launchpad and locker on the Matic Network! check our dxsale.app!

DxSale is a platform that caters to all users, regardless of their technical acumen, to accelerate and accurately manage their venture into crypto. With each crowdsale completion, locking, liquidity & listing to a DEX are done through automation to provide assurance and reliability to investors.

We will now work with Matic/Poly to educate users about the potential of both platforms.


SuperFarm will be integrating with Polygon to deliver fast and low-cost NFTs. Polygon (formerly Matic) is the preeminent developer of Ethereum scaling solutions and is at the forefront of pioneering L2 technologies.

Integrating SuperFarm with Polygon will open the door to cheap NFT minting, swapping, and selling, making digital collectibles accessible to mainstream users. Polygon has established a pedigree for supporting NFT projects including Aavegotchi, Neon District, and Decentraland.

With an active community of NFT collectors already established on Polygon, Polygon community members can soon farm exclusive NFTs on the SuperFarm platform that’ll have utility within AAA Video Games and more. This will enable Polygon holders to farm exclusive. NFTs without inflating the circulating supply.


Alpaca City and Polygon (Matic Network) have formed a strategic partnership to bring Alpaca NFTs to the Polygon ecosystem and take the user experience of Alpaca City to the next level with Polygon’s layer-2 solution.

Better user experience and lower gas fee would allow the breeding of more new cute alpacas. It also means more ALPA tokens would be burned to strengthen the inflation of the ALPA token.

Currently both teams are working very closely on the integration, and they should be live on Polygon within 4–8 weeks. Stay tuned!


Polygon, the protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, is partnering with StreamingFast to bring best-in-class blockchain data streaming, for both historical and real-time data.

Some of the industry shifting features of StreamingFast include:

  • Simpler: use 90% less code. Single integration point to stream EVM data, from block 0 onto eternity. Get rid of those pesky retries, with a single reliable stream.
  • Cheaper: cut down on up to 99% of your Web3 calls. Use in-stream updates to ERC-20 balances, Uniswap reserves and any contract’s state updates. No more out-of-sync balanceOf() calls.
  • More reliable: read linearly, no more polling. Paradigm-shifting use of cursors for a reliable stream, guaranteed linearity, across disconnections and reorgs. Something native nodes with WebSockets can only dream about.
  • Faster access to real-time blocks. Get data earlier than traditional node providers (up to 48x faster). Instead of hitting one of 1000 nodes, most of them late because of propagation delays, StreamingFast nodes race to push out data to you.
  • Complete: full history at your fingertips. Stream blocks, transactions, events, state changes from genesis. Let go of your archive nodes.
  • Richest data, industry-wide. Trace-level data, full call graph, state changes, logs, keccak preimages, gas costs, Ether balance changes, internal transactions, input data & return data.

These and StreamingFast’s many other powerful capabilities, will help developers building on Polygon to deliver their projects cheaper, much faster, and with fluid and dynamic user experiences.


Unmarshal being a multi-chain DeFi data network, will now be indexing the Layer-2 chain Polygon. The alliance will enable application developers to easily build and deploy any kind of applications such as Decentralized exchanges, Lending/borrowing Protocols, and others on Polygon. Developers can now rely on Unmarshal network to integrate with end-points to fetch rich data like Wallet Balances, Protocol Positions, Push Notifications, DeFi Taxing, P&L Tracking, Historical prices from the Polygon chain.


Nord Finance is uniting forces with the leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform, Polygon( previously known as Matic Network). The partnership will explore endless possibilities in unlocking the potential of DeFi assets to the broader financial ecosystem. This strategic partnership will usher in increased DeFi adoption, enhancing the overall user experience encouraging mainstream users to participate in the revolutionary financial paradigm.


QuikNode‘s high performance Hosted Nodes now live on Polygon! QuikNode will allow devs to seamlessly integrate Polygon at production scale. From DeFi to NFT, QuikNode is used all over the world, currently serving more than 8B requests per month.

Read more : https://blog.quiknode.io/polygon-matic-is-now-live-on-quiknode-api/


ZeroSwap is pleased to announce the integration of Polygon (Matic) on ZeeDO, empowering companies to raise funds and to do token sales in a seamless manner.

After Etherum and Binance smart chain, Polygon integration provides more diversification to ZeeDO Ecosystem

ZeroSwap has developed ZeeDO — which is ZeroSwap’s DEX Offering Platform, it will enable companies to launch tokens on multi-chains.

One of the core features of ZeeDO is to provide 100% transparency and fairness in token distribution. This is achieved by using Polygon VRF (Randomiser) powered by Chainlink to pick winning lottery tickets for token distribution.


Thrilled to share Matataki is integrating Polygon to facilitate the export of Community Fan tickets! The cross-chain export with Polygon enables creators on Matataki to transfer their community tokens to Polygon seamlessly with nominal fees.



Ocean Protocol’s smart contracts and the Ocean Market are deployed on Layer 2!
After being deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, Rinkeby, Ropsten and Ganache, Ocean Protocol have now partnered with Polygon to bring Web3 Data Economy tools to Polygon’s Layer 2 chain & ecosystem.

Ocean Protocol’s mission is to kickstart a Web3 Data Economy that reaches the world, giving power back to data owners and enabling people to capture value from data to better our world.

Data is a new asset class; Ocean Protocol unlocks its value.

With this partnership,

  • Users can use Ocean Market to publish, swap, stake and consume data assets in Polygon. Transactions now cost mere cents with lower latency. Users simply point their wallet in Metamask to Polygon and Ocean Market will show data assets registered in the Polygon network.
  • Data marketplace builders and other dapp developers can use Ocean libraries (ocean.js, ocean.py) and frontend components (react hooks, market) with Polygon.
  • Token holders can move their OCEAN to Polygon as mOCEAN tokens, and back.


bountyblok is excited to announce a partnership with Polygon (formerly Matic Network). With Polygon’s Layer 2 scaling solution drawing the interest of many incredible blockchain applications, bountyblok will provide its best-in-class gamification tools to developers and NFT artists who are migrating.

This will enable them to easily track challenges, user progress, achievements earned and implement many other experience-enhancing gaming mechanics.


Excited to share that Coinvise is launching its V2 on Polygon!

Coinvise V2 has lowered transaction costs by 185% resulting in faster confirmation times, enabling creators & communities to mint & exchange social tokens seamlessly.

Learn more: https://coinvise.co


As interest floods into the blockchain and DeFi space from all angles, the DAOventures team continues to partner with the world’s most innovative protocols and platforms on our mission to simplify DeFi and make it available to the masses. This includes offering easy to use products that are secure, cost efficient and able to scale.

Having recently announced a variety of partnerships, including their collaboratory efforts with MahaDAO to offer dual farming functionality to both the DVG and ARTH communities, they are excited to announce their most recent partnership with Polygon, formerly Matic Network.

Shaping the future of mainstream DeFi

The flurry of new DeFi protocols building on the Ethereum network has resulted in snowballing transaction fees and increasing transaction times; Polygon is quickly becoming recognized as a key player in the fight to scale the Ethereum network, with various solutions that aim to ease the pressure on the world’s second-biggest blockchain during this time of rapidly evolving technology.


Gladiators, battles & betting! Cryptocolosseum is on Polygon!

Crypto Colosseum is an NFT-based tournament-battle game where you collect & bet on gladiators, using $PTG to boost warriors.

Play Now: https://cryptocolosseum.com


Bidao is implementing MATIC as a collateral asset. This means that MATIC can be locked up in CDPs to generate the BAI stablecoin.

Using MATIC as collateral is very easy. At first, the MATIC is locked up in the CDP. In return, the appropriate amount of BAI is generated and can be used freely by the CDP creator. To regain access to the locked MATIC, the BAI has to be repaid to the system. This is simply done by a simple function call and sending back the BAI to the CDP. After that, the MATIC are unlocked and can be transferred freely again by the CDP creator.


CryptoSkulls are now available on Polygon!

With 10,000 unique CryptoSkulls to buy, sell, give and bet on, this is your chance to increase the value of your NFT collection! Transfer via: https://goldofskulls.com/wallet

Learn More: https://cryptoskulls.com


ZuzProtocol is building the first phase of its ecosystem on Polygon!

ZUZ Protocol is an NFT dedicated platform built by UtilityZero bringing efficiency, privacy and value to the NFT market.

Learn more: https://zuzprotocol.com


UniCrypt’s ILO (Decentralized Launchpad) and Liquidity Locking platform now support Polygon! Projects can enjoy safe, fast and easy token services directly on QuickswapDEX and Polygon’s high speed low cost infrastructure.


The wizards of DeFi, @zapper_fi now support tracking balances on Polygon!

In addition to @QuickswapDEX support, you can also use Zapper’s new Bridge Feature to seamlessly move tokens between Ethereum and Polygon. DeFi on Polygon just got supercharged thanks to Zapper


The Polygon ecosystem is rapidly growing to support more DeFi, NFT and gaming platforms in partnership with Band Protocol — a leading decentralized oracle solution providing developers with a higher degree of data availability, security and scalability. With Band Protocol, Polygon developers will be empowered to match platform scalability with a high-performance oracle network that provides security, usability and unmatched access to any external data needs.

We encourage all Polygon developers to secure their decentralized applications with Band Protocol oracles which have been battle-tested by time and are currently securing over $7B in total value in smart contracts. To begin, the Band Standard Dataset is available for Polygon developers covering over 150+ price feeds for crypto assets, commodities and foreign exchange.


The World’s first reputation-based social network is coming to Polygon!

Coreto, a reputation-based tokenized platform, is integrating Polygon, to offer a seamless UX with Polygon-grade txns.


Prosper Predict, a non-custodial crosschain prediction market and hedging platform has successfully integrated with Polygon!

Polygon will integrate with the Prosper ecosystem and become a huge part of Prosper’s prediction platform, enabling Prosper users to predict with $MATIC token! Prosper will use Chainlink Oracles for price validation and data accuracy. Users will be able to predict on the Matic/USD hourly pools for 45 days in a row.


Get your magic staffs ready, the world’s most adorable Price Prediction game is coming to Polygon!

Thrilled to share that Crypto Prophets is launching their price prediction trading game with incredible NFT characters and items on Polygon.

Collect rare NFTs and enjoy a seamless gaming experience thanks to Polygon’s incredibly low transaction costs!


Ethermon has integrated Polygon.

Catch, train, transform, battle and trade digital Mons with a seamless user experience now on the Polygon network!

Start playing here: https://ethermon.io


NFT marketplace Nanakusa is now live on Polygon.

Nanakusa is the first crypto artist registration system utilizing #NFTs in Japan. Registration of crypto artists on the platform is LIVE!

Learn more: https://nanakusa.io

Artists register here: https://cutt.ly/sxjknMN


Mask Network will collaborate with Layer 2 solution aggregator Polygon (formerly Matic Network), to conduct technical conversations about the current issues, such as traffic and high gas fee on Ethereum, and to focus on performance optimization in the DeFi field, to create a faster and more practical decentralized environment for users.


Mogul is creating a movie NFT marketplace on Polygon!

Mogul to host an NFT sale by Rob Prior (Marvel, DC Comics, Image) to drop Star Wars, Marvel and Wolf of Wall Street-inspired NFTs exclusively on Polygon later this spring!

Read more: https://bit.ly/2NNpYtE


Glad to share that Gains Farm is building on Polygon!

Gains Farm V2 is a leveraged trading platform in DeFi with an amazing UI for the ERC20 & ERC721 bridge, combined with NFT features & Yield Farming.

Trade: https://gains.farm/trading

Medium: https://gfarm-v2.medium.com


Welcome Dark Matter to the Polygon ecosystem!
Dark Matter will be building a host of NFT projects on Polygon that revolve around their $DMT token!
Revenues directly benefit the token holders!

Know more: https://darkmatter.finance


Polygon & Cere Network partner sale is live

Cere Network, one of the most anticipated token sales of 2021, is giving away 30 whitelist spots for the Polygon community! Join http://bit.ly/CereBot, complete the steps, do KYC at @joinrepublic

Deadline: 26 Mar, 4 PM CET


Cartesi and Polygon are excited to announce the development of a fully decentralized Poker game on top of Polygon’s PoS Chain. The Cartesi team is developing the game with Cartesi’s Descartes SDK using traditional software stacks as as well computationally intensive encryption algorithms (mental poker).

The poker game is currently in an advanced stage of development and upon completion, Cartesi and Polygon will showcase how powerful both technologies can be to the nascent blockchain game industry, and also how developers or organizations will be able to re-use the tech on other turn-based games. Software developers, for the first time, will be able to build such decentralized games with mainstream software components supported by Linux.


Two weeks ago the Beta Platform trial was a huge success. Now, it’s time for the platform and DoTx to really start it’s journey on the Polygon Network 🚀.

Since the new refactored Platform is on the Polygon Network it will run with almost zero fees, allowing anyone to enter the game, even with a low wager. Gas fees aren’t a problem anymore!


Trace Network brings its NFT-based enterprise protocol to Polygon

With Trace Network, enterprises can utilise DLT, DeFi & NFT capabilities to share data for:

Enforcing traceability
Stock visibility
Efficient working capital financing



From 2020, transaction fee on Ethereum is increasing with the rise of DeFi products, and the liquidity of blockchain game NFT is decreasing.

After Polygon adoption, each blockchain game user can transfer to not only Ethereum, but also Polygon.
Then, it helps to go up the liquidity of blockchain game NFT with the low transaction fee on Polygon.


Democratize GPU cloud rendering with @RenderToken on @0xPolygon!

Artists can create, share and distribute 3D objects by utilizing Render’s high-performance graphics computation and distributed GPU network.

Users get rewarded in $RNDR for contributing to the network!

RNDR network is rendering 100,000 video frames per week, requiring many payment transactions between artists and operators. To reduce carbon footprint and transaction costs the team moved to a new $RNDR payment system and implemented Polygon‘s Layer2 PoS technology.

The Proof of Stake chain by Polygon secures transactions using much less energy, with 90 validators, compared to a Layer1 PoW network. The future is scaling, low-cost, low-energy payments on Ethereum.

Learn more on RNDR Telegram:https://t.me/RenderTokenOfficial


MoonWolf is now on Polygon

! $WOLF is the first deflationary token on Polygon! Token Supply constantly decreases.
DeFi 2.0 Autofarming for HODLers
No gas fees
NFT collectibles every full moon

Launch: Full Moon Sunday midnight, 28/3



Zora contracts are now on Polygon!

Deployed through a community-led effort, teams can now use Zora to create NFT projects directly on Polygon!

Start building now: https://github.com/iamjaspreetsingh/OurZora-Polygon-Deployment


Bondly Finance will be integrating with Polygon to deliver fast and environment-friendly NFTs. Polygon (formerly Matic) is the preeminent developer of Ethereum scaling solutions and is at the forefront of pioneering L2 technologies. Polygon has established a pedigree for supporting NFT projects including Aavegotchi, Neon District, and Decentraland.

Integrating Bondly with Polygon will open the door to cheaper NFT minting, swapping, and selling; making digital collectibles accessible to non-crypto native users. With an active community of NFT collectors already established on Polygon, Polygon community members can soon farm exclusive NFTs on the SuperFarm platform that’ll have utility within AAA Video Games and more. This will enable Polygon holders to farm exclusive. NFTs without inflating the circulating supply.

Additionally, Bondly and Polygon will also set up a fund to contribute to offsetting the carbon footprint as a result of NFT minting.


Genesis Shards has partnered with Polygon (formerly Matic) to increase the scalability of Gen Tickets (NFTs) on the Genesis platform through Polygon’s L2 solution!

With a surge of DeFi protocols being built on Ethereum, transaction times and fees have been skyrocketing. Polygon is widely being recognized as one of the leading players in the ongoing fight for Ethereum scalability — with its plasma-based approach to scaling, Polygon aims at relieving the pressure on the Ethereum blockchain in this rapidly evolving DeFi tech landscape.

Polygon provides solutions for DeFi as well as Web2/Web3 apps to enable the speed and cost-effectiveness needed to create high-quality, accessible user experiences.

Genesis Shards is bringing about the inception of a whole new pre-IDO marketplace by utilizing its NFT swap architecture to introduce liquidity to pre-IDO tokens via ‘Gen Ticket’ NFTs. We would explore Polygon’s L2 solution to increase the scalability of Gen Tickets on our platform. The strategic and long-term partnership would usher in a new era of a scalability-first approach to NFT Defi options.


MathWallet users can now connect their APP/Extension wallet to Polygon mainnet to access the web wallet and Polygon-based dApps.

Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium etc and Standalone Chains like Matic POS, designed for flexibility and independence.

With the support for layer 2 network, MathWallet aims to provide our users with the best cross-chain features, so far we launched the connectivity to up to 60+ chains. Layer2:Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, Harmony etc


Hedgey finance is coming to Polygon!

Hedgey Finance will be leveraging QuickswapDEX on Polygon for capital-light trading, enabling the creation of an options market for any Polygon-based token post the Hedgey V1 Launch.

Learn more: https://hedgey.finance


Welcoming the Legends to Layer 2!

Thrilled to announce that Ether Legends is coming to Polygon!

The trading card game is set to launch its beta soon, enabling a seamless user experience with fast and low-cost transactions powered by Polygon. https://etherlegends.com


PteriaDAO is integrating with Polygon! With $Pteria, the DAO gives the token to third-party projects as utility tokens and boasts the likes of AR events project @WallemOfficial (supported by influencers like@pewdiepie) as partners!

Learn more: https://pteria.org


EasyFi just announced the listing of MATIC (Polygon’s native token) as a collateral on the EasyFi lending protocol built on Polygon Network.

Users will now be able to deposit their MATIC Tokens and earn an interest on their deposited tokens.


Phoenix DAO launches a decentralized events marketplace on Polygon, bringing true digitalization and decentralization to the sector.

PhoenixDAO’s DApp for the events industry ensures 100% genuine tickets and no censorship from a central authority.


ConnextNetwork is Live on the Polygon Wallet!

Connext is a cross-chain liquidity network that enables fast and noncustodial cross-chain swaps.

You can use the Polygon web wallet for swaps between Ethereum and Polygon.

Learn more: https://medium.com/connext/18d80e82268e

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