As with most promising ecosystems and blockchain projects that provide solutions and bring development to the blockchain space and the growing users of blockchain technology, forming partnerships is an invaluable means to scale and be better positioned to bring to realization of objectives.

Near protocol, a rapidly thriving blockchain ecosystem has adopted progressive and mutually beneficial partnerships as tools for rapid growth.


NEAR is a community driven, foundation run layer one blockchain project with high block speed, and operating with the proof of stake consensus mechanism. It is driven by innovation that aims to be beneficial to users via low transaction fees and an allocation of a considerable percentage of transaction fees generated to developers to encourage further growth. Secure, yet scalable as can be seen by its interoperability with different other ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polkadot and Cosmos. Yet, perhaps the most encouraging feature of NEAR is its friendly UX and development endearing ecosystem, a robust use case which spans DeFi, NFTs and DAOs. NEAR is indeed helping blockchain users REIMAGINE THEIR WORLD.


Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful collaborations that have been birthed with NEAR;

1. Consensys, Infura and Metamask

Aiding Ethereum based projects use the enhanced technology of the NEAR protocol is AURORA – a scaling solution built on near and partnering with Consensys an enterprise blockchain company. Benefits of this partnership are notably the improvement of the system by provision of access to more development resources with the ultimate objective of increasing interoperability among chains.

The partnership with Consensys brings Infura and Metamask into the mix and with over 350,000 developers and over 21 million active users respectively the growth potential this has brought to the near ecosystem is amazing.

Expressing enthusiasm at the potentials offered, Alex Shevchenko, CEO of AURORA Labs is quoted as saying ; ‘’We are thrilled to join forces with ConsenSys on our shared mission of empowering the Ethereum ecosystem and extending its economy.”

This partnership offers more developer facilities to both the NEAR and the Ethereum Ecosystems.


4EVERLAND is an Interplanetary file system, IPFS based hosting service which is basically a blockchain mirroring protocol that is used for sharing and storing data. It aids the decentralisation of the Internet and allows the exploration of more of the possibilities of web3 while its compatibility with the traditional development environments aids Web2.0 developers easily transition into the development and deployment of dApps.

4EVERLAND will provide DWeb hosting services to the NEAR ecosystem. The additional benefits of having access to global acceleration and data analysis services will aid developers deploy a decentralised front end quickly.

To further encourage development the 4EVERLAND team is offering a number of rewards such as The FIRST LEAP program which provides at least 15million $4EVER and $150,000 in rights to stimulate front end deployment on decentralised hosting services. 30 business version free places for the NEAR ecosystem alongside providing the opportunity for outstanding developers to be part of the 4EVERLAND’s whitelist are more ways this collaboration is incentivising growth.


Terra is a public blockchain protocol deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses.

To boost DeFi growth, NEAR has partnered with Terra to integrate its stable coin $UST on the Near and Aurora Ecosystem. This is made possible via partnerships with Nearpad, a leading DeFi hub on Aurora which will provide a DEX AMM product where users can trade and provide liquidity via UST pairs. Working also with ROSE, a stable swap and borrowing protocol on Aurora which provides capital efficient and deep stable coin liquidity pool where users further tap in to the DeFi well.

This partnerships will also lead to the propagation of UST to ecosystems that exist and those that will be built on Near protocol and Aurora.

It is quite clear that there will be more progressive partnerships on NEAR. Stay updated on the latest developments by joining the NEAR ecosystem :

Website :




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Ubong Ephraim

Ubong Ephraim

Crypto. Photography. Vibes

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