Hello guys, Ubong Ephraim here and welcome to a fresh episode of Matic Network spotlight with Ubong Ephraim. On this series I highlight happenings on the Matic Network, such as projects and DApps integrated on Matic Network, Matic Network’s integrations on protocols, partnerships and other important updates.

Today we’ll be talking about TERRA VIRTUA, a truly immersive collectible platform across Mobile, AR and VR with unique social, gaming and creative experiences, enabled by blockchain.


Matic network is a blockchain solution that provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions using Plasma side chains and a Proof-of-Stake network. Matic network has made an effort to resolve the issues of scalability and usability without making a compromise on decentralization.
It is an off/side chain scaling solution for existing platforms to provide scalability and superior user experience to DApps/user functionalities.
Matic network was created to solve the problem of scalability associated with most blockchains and also accelerate transaction speeds.
When developers seek to deploy their solutions using blockchain technology, speed and scalability are two utmost features they look out for. Matic network solves these problems very well while adding additional features such as a smooth user experience and security.
More than 70 dApps have been built on Matic, ranging from DeFi protocols to games and prediction markets. With more validator nodes being onboarded on the Matic Network progressively, it is on the path to full decentralization and becoming the most sought after Layer 2 network in the blockchain ecosystem.

In today’s part of the series, we’d be looking at TERRA VIRTUA, a truly immersive collectible platform across Mobile, AR and VR with unique social, gaming and creative experiences, enabled by blockchain.


TERRA VIRTUA is a truly immersive collectible platform across Mobile, AR and VR with unique social, gaming and creative experiences, enabled by blockchain. Terra Virtua provides utility by allowing collectors of digital assets to display and interact with their virtual goods in PC, Web, Mobile and Augmented Reality. Leveraging the latest in mobile and gaming technologies, their mission is to engage and connect fan-based user communities.

With Terra Virtua you can own your unique digital assets which you and your friends can share, trade, exhibit, play and enjoy. Terra Virtua’s approach to collectibles is to engage users in new and unique ways.

Terra Virtua will become the one platform to share, trade and interact with digital collectibles from brands and creators in new, social, engaging and immersive ways.

TERRA VIRTUA just partnered with Matic Network to leverage on it’s unique layer 2 solution. The partnership is designed to accelerate the adoption of NFTs within the mainstream.

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder and COO of Matic Network said of the partnership “Terra Virtua has built an immersive collectibles platform that will now be supercharged with low fee and high speed txns. What sets Terra Virtua apart is their strong focus on user adoption and a host of top-tier partners, and we’re excited to welcome Terra Virtua onboard!”

This is a great move as they will be able to leverage on Matic Network high-throughput and fast transactions. Matic Network provides cheaper transactions at breakneck speeds with the same level of security as Ethereum.

Matic is rapidly becoming the go-to Layer 2 solution for developers, thanks to secure, scalable and instant transactions, secured by Ethereum. Matic Network layer 2 solution with all it’s awesome features continues to place it as a sought after tool for developing business solutions on the blockchain.

Want to build with Matic too?
For Developers building Dapps and looking for a scaling solution, do get in touch with Matic Network. They can help you not only achieve scale but also provide the best UI/UX to your users.


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Ubong Ephraim

Ubong Ephraim

Crypto. Photography. Vibes

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