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Hello guys, Ubong Ephraim here and welcome to another episode of Matic DApp spotlight with Ubong Ephraim. On this series I highlight DAPPS implemented on the Matic Network. DAPPS which choose Matic Network to enable them scale and also provide faster transactions for their users.

And today we’ll be talking about MegaCryptoPolis, the decentralized city builder strategy game dApp (decentralized application) running on Ethereum and TRON blockchains. And just as we always do, I would begin by giving a brief overview of Matic Network.


MATIC network is a blockchain solution that provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions using Plasma side chains and a Proof-of-Stake network.
It is an off/side chain scaling solution for existing platforms to provide scalability and superior user experience to DApps/user functionalities.
MATIC network was created to solve the problem of scalability associated with most blockchains and also accelerate transaction speeds.
When developers seek to deploy their solutions using blockchain technology, speed and scalability are two utmost features they look out for. MATIC network solves these problems very well while adding additional features such as a smooth user experience and security.

DAPPS stand for “Decentralized Applications”. They are web applications developed with blockchain architecture. Their usecases range from business and finance to utility, gaming and technology solutions.
DAPP developers need to implement upon a blockchain architecture with an efficient speed to enable it’s users have a fluid and smooth experience. Hence DAPP developers look to blockchain solutions with proven high throughput and high TPS( Transaction speed per second).

Matic Network is a great blockchain solution to DAPP developers as it solves this problem of scalability and speed. Infact, over 30 DAPPS are currently deployed on the Matic Network.
On today’s part of the series, we’d be looking at MegaCryptoPolis, the decentralized city builder strategy game dApp (decentralized application) running on Ethereum and TRON blockchains.

MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city builder strategy game running in the form of a dApp (decentralized application) on multiple blockchains. It is an online multiplayer strategy game where players from all over the world can collectively build a unique mega city. MegaCryptoPolis 3D allows players to rent buildings, produce materials that are required by other buildings, create new generations of citizens, offer services to other players, place ads and drive cars. Every asset in the MegaCryptoPolis is a cryptographically unique ERC-721 token stored in a player’s wallet. MegaCryptoPolis is a top 5 ethereum Dapp.

A game like MegaCryptoPolis requires speed as multiple transactions are made every second. Recently we have seen how the Ethereum network has suffered due to congestion and plummeting fees. It’s not the first time the Ethereum network has faced a congestion with gas prices ranging from 80 to 350 gwei nowadays. Transactions on the game would be slow and inexpensive which ruins the gaming experience.

The high complexity of MegaCryptoPolis gameplay with many different types of assets influencing each other led the team to use Matic as the only possible option for a trusted and purely decentralized scalability solution. MegaCryptoPolis will use Matic Network for scalability and better adoption. Once it is integrated with Matic Network, there will be absolutely no fees for most transactions, requiring gas only for land plots trading, Ether deposit and withdrawal operations. This will make the gaming experience fluid and smooth as there will be no delayed transactions at all.


1. All the game logic on Ethereum map will be implemented on Matic Network.
2. Land Plots and District ERC-721 tokens will remain on Ethereum Network.
3. Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances, Resources ERC-721 tokens and all the balances will be transferred to Matic Network to the same wallets as used on Ethereum.
4. Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances, Resources ERC-721 tokens can be then freely transferred from Matic to Ethereum, from Matic to TRON, and from TRON and Ethereum to Matic (using the upcoming “Airport” feature).
5. Internal ETH balance will be used to play the game — all the incoming ETH will be aggregated there and can be withdrawn to Ethereum wallet at any time using the bridge.
6. Rental and trading deals on the internal marketplace will be completed using in-game balance. Land Plots and Districts could be purchased only using ETH on Ethereum Network (no need to top up the in-game balance).
7. ETH collection from Offices and using ETH from in-game balance for production and turning operations in the buildings will no longer require gas, that is especially important for low-grade operations like rents.

By implementing on Matic Network, MegaCryptoPolis would enjoy zero transaction fees, speedy transactions and better adoption. The partnership would happen later in the year.
In order to celebrate the partnership, a time-limited “Gas Crisis” event starting 27 August 2020 at 1 PM UTC will enable 25% discount for all the Packs and a chance to receive an exclusive Special Citizen available in Packs for the first time.

A dedicated rewards campaign to be held to distribute unique collectible ERC-721 Pet tokens for help to spread the word about the event.

Want to build with Matic too?
For Developers building Dapps and looking for a scaling solution, do get in touch with Matic Network. They can help you not only achieve scale but also provide the best UI/UX to your users.


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