When it comes to blockchain networks, nothing beats a community-oriented ecosystem, especially one that profoundly believes in the power of collective decision making. Enter Phuture.

Phuture is a decentralized autonomous organization, aka a DAO. In any DAO, every member of the community possesses the right to take part in discussions, vote on proposals, and propose new ideas.

In the Phuture community, all discussions happen on two primary platforms. Nascent ideas are conceived in Discord before being officially projected and discussed on Discourse. The best place to engage in ongoing discussions is by joining one of the Phuture Community Working Groups on Discord.


Phuture Community Working Groups allow incentivized members of the community to share and work together on ideas for the overall benefit of the Phuture ecosystem.

There are three Community Working Group within the Phuture community, each centered around a key business focus area.

1. Marketing and Growth

2. Business Development

3. Product

You can earn PHRT-based rewards by participating and adding value to the Phuture ecosystem. Check out the community page on the Phuture.Finance website, and follow these simple steps to find your place in the Phuture community.

Step #1

Join Phuture Discord, and you’ll see the three community working groups. Select a working group that aligns with your interest and skill set. Introduce yourself in the group and let the wider community know where you feel you can add the most value.

It’s also beneficial to check out some of the pre-existing work that other community members have done.

Step #2

Go through the objectives of your selected working group and review the task sheet assigned to that group. Every community member is encouraged to complete specific tasks.

If you have proposals or ideas of how you feel the working group can improve, share them with other members.

If you have a proposal which you feel will benefit the Phuture community as a whole, introduce it on the governance forum.

If you show initiative by contributing to discussions, introducing fresh ideas and adding true value to the community, you will be compensated.


Phuture facilitates its voting and governance functions through Snapshot.

Snapshot is a decentralized voting system that provides maximum flexibility on the way voting power is collated and calculated. Snapshot is 100% gasless, meaning that voting on existing proposals and creating proposals can be done without gas fees. Thus, entry barriers are eliminated, creating room for all individuals holding ePHTR to participate in governance.

Phuture requires users to hold ePHTR before they can be considered eligible to vote. In order to get your hands on ePHTR, you simply need to stake your PHTR tokens. ePHTR is a yield-bearing variant of PHTR, which users hold while their PHTR tokens are staked and accumulating interest, qualifying them to play a role in Phuture governance.

Now while there’s no minimum quantity of ePHTR required to vote, you need to hold at the very least 75k ePHTR to create a new proposal. Plus, there are certain requirements a proposal must meet before it is added and accepted into the accumulation queue.

1. A majority (>50%) of the votes must be FOR the proposal

2. A 30% quorum must be achieved. This means that at least 30% of all ePHTR staked must have voted FOR the proposal.

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