Ubong Ephraim
3 min readSep 16, 2022


Every day, leveraging and navigating the blockchain space becomes easier as more innovative projects spring up to provide scalable solutions to challenges in the industry. And for Cudos, the objective is realizing the metaverse dream of a decentralized Web3 by integrating gaming experiences, NFTs and Decentralized Finance which will, in turn, allow all users to benefit massively as the Cudos network grows.

With a platform as open and interoperable as Cudos, the high 1000x computing needs which enable the development of super immersive, gamified digital experiences can be met sufficiently. You guessed right! Cudos’ major agenda is to guarantee open, decentralized access to highly efficient computing at scale.

The native token of the Layer 1 blockchain and Layer 2 compute network will serve as a power point of the Cudos network, providing liquidity and yearly returns for holders and stakers.

Just recently, Cudos launched on mainnet and the perks are remarkable. Users can now peruse a host of fresh and cool tools to engage the Cudos network.

My favorite tool is the Cudos Block Explorer. This helped me see all history on the Cudos blockchain as well as on-chain transactions executed. The explorer also enabled browsing of assets using Cudos address.

You get to view occurrences between different contracts and accounts and I particularly found this impressive. Blockchain is, by all means, a public database and there’s nothing like a smart blockchain explorer to help you access this top-tier data on granular transaction data and current transactions.

Another exceptional tool on the Cudos mainnet is the Cudos bridge. This enables the migration of user tokens from Ethereum and blockchains on Cudos. It doesn’t matter which action you wish to conduct with your tokens, you are going to need them on a blockchain of your choosing to allow you to switch wherever you want.

Moving forward, another impressive feature of Cudos’ mainnet launch is Staking & Governance. This page directs you to an older version of the block explorer on Cudos. The staking and governance tool allows you to manage stakes you’ve delegated on Cudos, and propose and vote on any changes in governance.

In addition, in Staking and Governance, you see earned rewards and the validator you wish to delegate to. I have a thing for projects that are driven by the community. And I’m positive you are going to love this. As a member of a community, I don’t think anything beats having a say in how a protocol technically functions. And on Cudos, anyone can vote on proposals and propose them equally.

Even better, Cudos is looking to release a huge upgrade to their staking and governance tool which will also come with a brand new design instead of the old stuff.

Are you looking to build on a blockchain where folks know their onions? Cudos is perfect for you. The team is committed to cutting down on toxic environmental effects while improving on cloud and blockchain technology. On Cudos, you get pocket-friendly, energy-efficient alternatives for asset transfer, ownership, and Apps.

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