CUDOS COMPUTE: Making Space Data Available With Sfera & Copernic Space

Ubong Ephraim
4 min readOct 25, 2022


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Partnerships play a huge role in the success of any blockchain project. And this is because every project is tailored to cater to a specific problem in the industry. In other words, we all need each other. To this effect, Cudos Compute is collaborating with Sfera and Copernic Space to improve the quality of life on earth through space data democratization. What we should expect to see with this partnership is a much broader commercial market receiving access to surplus satellite imaging power, low-price secondary sales for scaling down the cost of Earth Observation data, and downlinking power.
Before getting into this partnership in-depth, let’s get to know our partners. What we know today as Web3 technology is reaching for the stars.

Copernic Space is a Web3 platform that facilitates all space investments and assets, allowing ventures to not just tokenize their assets but also offer them to the commercial market. It doesn’t end there people. Copernic Space is also empowering individuals and companies to own a slice of the space economy pie.

The visionary Sfera Technologies, a NewSpace company is just as impressive. Leveraging the infancy of the space era, Sfera Technologies is carving out an impactful niche in the design and execution of efficient, interchangeable infrastructures; growing naturally and enabling space access for anyone. Cudos Compute is no slacker in the development department.

As of writing, Cudos Compute setting the pace as the giant of sustainable computing. They are doing this by making it possible for individuals and businesses that need their unused computing power to lend Cudos’ hardware. Per cloud demands, developers and organizations can now distribute, run and scale with Cudos.

Now that we have all our backstories, why is democratization important?

When an open marketplace is applying Web3 tech and dispersed computing, it enables new commercial accessibility and further propagates the democratized space data movement.
This will happen through the collaborative efforts of Sfera Technologies and Copernic Space in achieving two things:

1. Identifying innovative EO data solutions on their marketplace.
2. Deploying these solutions on their marketplace.

Both companies will also cooperate towards helping space companies in this niche tokenize and offer their assets to the commercial market. For Copernic Space, this establishes their project as the economic base for space in the digital world.
In this collaboration, all three partners will work out the following:

1. Increasing latent customer data reach
2. Developing and designing fresh data offerings
3. Opening possibilities for securing EO products by global organizations and companies through blockchain technology.

I’ve mentioned a lot of EO data in this article. But why is it crucial to what Sfera, Copernic, and Cudos Compute are doing? The answer is simple. EO data plays an important role in transforming the energy of the global economy, urban planning, environmental conservation, and financial services.
Currently, delivery channels that can make this possible are restricted by factors such as the incompatibility of data formats for consumption by small companies with no high price on data products and no capacity for GIS/data analysis. As hinted earlier, Sfera and Copernic are pooling resources in light of this to design red-hot tools for market mechanics and also boost utility and affordability by deploying new solutions for data delivery.

In the words of the founder of Sfera Technologies, Zdravko Dimitrov, the collaboration with Copernic Space is one more step in the direction of bridging the space industry with Web3 and unlocking the power of blockchain-founded solutions. The collaboration is a strong example of a mutual dream on how space can be democratized. The entire Sfera team is thrilled to be working together with the Copernic Space team to bring this amazing vision to reality.

From Copernic Space, Co-Founder & CEO, Grant Blaisdell has added that Sfera’s great tokenization vision for satellite data coupled with Cudos’ computation will develop new sets of space assets on Copernic’s commercial market. Together with Copernic features, assets created by Sfera Technologies will become available and discoverable like never before.
This partnership is a brilliant trinity that will change everything for the space industry’s role in Web3. All players in this partnership will develop a system for data delivery that will integrate Copernic’s tokenized marketplace tech with Sfera’s data infrastructure, making it possible for users to get their hands on low-cost, faster data from different sources, get access approach and build procurement requests and data access.
Cudos Compute has not earned the tag ”AirBnB of sustainable computing” for nothing. Their role in this incredible partnership is to make distributed computing available for the smooth running of this partnership while also enabling additional agility. Like the other fans of Cudos Network, I eagerly anticipate the results of this collaboration. What we have here is something that would set the pace for space assets to be accessed, traded, utilized, and acquired in the future. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for this one.

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