Ubong Ephraim
6 min readNov 28, 2023

The power of online discussions cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to blockchain and its ecosystems. This was the very foundation on which big names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others stood before skyrocketing to widespread fame. Enthusiasts from all over the world converged on internet forums to discuss and theorize on the potential of cryptocurrency and what the future holds for blockchain technology.
The more people contributed to the conversation, the bigger it became. Until the general landscape became dotted with vibrant communities not only keeping discussions rolling but effecting real changes in the blockchain industry.

As the world becomes increasingly decentralized, the need for communities to keep digital worlds alive and functional also increases. With this in mind, Namada Protocol has built a community powerful enough to steamroll the network along with its other essential components. The community is rich in diversity and positive energy, with each arm is committed to fulfilling Namada’s vision for privacy. This smoothly coordinated collaboration alone is a giant stride in making privacy a public good. Before this article delves right into things, here’s a quick backstory of what Namada’s community is all about and why it’s worth the hype.

Defining the Namada Community

The Namada community is a hydra-like powerhouse that consists of the following subsets:

  • Creators
  • Advocates
  • Researchers
  • Privacy users
  • Ecosystems
  • Communities
  • Builders
  • Supporters

Each category understands the importance of the future where the benefits of decentralized systems are fully harnessed to achieve the Namada dream. That is why they each contribute according to the “how” of achieving this dream which is by giving the world adequate education about privacy, investing in privacy, running protocols, using privacy, and developing open-source tools.

In other words, being a community builder on Namada means being at the center of cooperation and innovation at its best. Whether you are are blockchain professional or an enthusiast with zero technical inclinations, the community is a place for you to converge, engage, and swap notes as long as you are an advocate of privacy and public goods funding.

All anyone who is interested needs to do is sign up, follow Namada socials for updates, engage, and work together with other builders in the community. Although for now entries into the current cohort of the Community Builders Program is closed.

Without a doubt, Namada’s community plays a pivotal role in her agenda and it acknowledges this role by providing sufficient rewards to keep the community motivated and incentivized.

Key Contributors In the Namada Community

The Namada community is what it is today because of the protocol’s brilliant road map that ensures that every factor or contributor in the community is introduced at the right time and with the right objective. In a timeline that stretches from 2022 till date, the Namada community has seen the impact of three contributors namely:

1. Validators
2. Trusted Setups
3. Community Builders

What are they?


When the community started to develop in 2022, it was made up of 11 validators and 7 team members from Heliax. This team spent several months working together on Element before Namada became ready for private tests which continue to run until the final month of 2022.
In the same month, Namada’s first public test net went live, and this launch saw the number of validators increase from 7 to 29 plus some team-run nodes. This number jumped to an impressive 253 validators by the time Namada was ready for Testnet 13.
To prepare and acclimatize for mainnet, validators and core developers publish a genesis proposal and protocol version which validators review to decide if the network is ready for launch.

Trusted Setups

The foundation of trusted setups is based on two parameters for Namada’s MASP component to work effectively. The first one is known as Phase I. The second parameter was developed in November 2022 at the network’s Trusted Setup ceremony from the 19th to the 21st of the same month.
With over 2,510 believers participating in the seed phrase generation that took place, the ceremony was held for those actively interested in maximizing privacy on Namada protocol. The result of this ceremony was a massive growth in community size and stronger security of Namada’s privacy features.

Community Builders

Community builders on Namada Protocol are simply people in the ecosystem who believe in the Namada vision and are dedicated to the mission with valuable efforts. Builders exist to actively expand the community at a pace where the network remains relevant and sustainable in years to come.
Because obligations are often around content creation, community on-boarding/help and technical support, Namada CBs have specific guidelines to keep builders in check and properly aligned with the mission. For instance, Builders are encouraged to keep all content (podcasts, visual art, written work, videos, and so on) relevant, accurate, and focused on the network’s technology. This simply means that things like price speculation or falsified information are grounds to remove individuals from the program.
To accommodate preferences, the program allows builders to decide if they want to contribute on their own or contribute with other individuals. These preferences are classified thus:

• Individual contributions
• Collaborative contributions

The former is usually entered into the contributor’s Coordinape profile or Namada Discord as a personal post. Logging entries in one is recommended for better accessibility and organization. On the other hand, collaborative contributions involve posts created with the input of others as the name implies. This works best for multiple video batches or lengthy written work.
As of writing, sign-ups for Namada’s builder program are closed but there are bound to be more opportunities for excited users to get on board.

End Notes

When it boils down to it, no blockchain project can succeed without a community. Whether it’s an NFT project, crypto, DeFi, or metaverse, they can’t survive a month in the Wild West of blockchain as a standalone project. Communities play an integral role in every aspect of the project: awareness, engagement, growth, and adoption.

For the Namada Protocol, this same principle also applies. That is why Namada not only acknowledges its community but adequately distributes rewards for the role it plays in the network’s success. The community family is also structured in a way that there’s a place for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are tinkering away at complicated tech stuff in the network’s architecture or just being a cheerleader on the sidelines. Namada’s devotion to flawless execution is the reason for its brilliantly layered strategy for key contributors: validators, trusted setups, and community builders. This allows them to play their part behind the scenes with excellent contributions that reflect generously on all.

Privacy in the blockchain is possible. And this yellow-themed, wonder project is set to do the impossible.

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