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Finding Ankr in the blockchain space was like finding a treasure trove in the middle of nowhere. Like any smart Web 3 enthusiast, I went on to do some digging and I found Ankr’s staking process to be the most intriguing aspect of their structure. This infrastructure provider for Web 3 makes a globally distributed network of nodes available for multi-chain access with a reach that spans over 40 blockchains.
On Ankr, securing access to Web 3.0 is super easy and I found this especially thrilling. This project provides blockchain infrastructure that is multi-cloud and distributed for management and one-click node deployment. And there’s more. Ankr also provides on-the-spot API access to Defi protocols that developers can leverage as well as access to top blockchains.
The multi-chain node foundation of Ankr sponsors the network’s ability to supply big shot protocols and blockchains with API access, node deployment, and management. I couldn’t ask for a better setup. With Ankr, developers, individuals, and enterprises on the blockchain get to enjoy earning and building at its simplest.
Now to the good stuff guys! What’s Ankr staking all about and why do I find it so exciting? The answer is simple. Ankr staking pivots around making all the sweet perks of DeFi available to the masses using the following brilliant solutions:

Liquid Staking
Liquidity staking tackles the problem of capital inefficiency and loss of liquidity by extending the staking experience to this problem. For network maintenance, assets are staked and then locked up on-chain.
That being said, liquidity staking still makes instant access available to liquid staking tokens which possess the same value as the stake in the ratio of 1:1.
Portable liquid staking tokens such as aETHb, aAVAXb, aMATICb, etc can be used to earn extra rewards on DeFi platforms. The benefits are clear as a bell here. With Ankr Liquid Staking, users enjoy the following:

1. Instant access to liquidity
2. Low commitment expenses
3. Risk transfer to Ankr professionals

Ankr Bridge
This solution sees Ankr Bridge making cross-chain liquid staking available for multiple chains thus allowing users to boost their yield opportunities.
The Ankr Bridge is kept safe with two measures: a multi-party Threshold Signature Scheme based on computation and secondly, ECDSA cryptography. This security measures certain that private keys are unexposed.
Using DeFi, Ankr gives users whole dashboard views of utilities for liquid staking tokens.

Parachain Liquid Crowdloan
This solution gives users benefits that are much like that of staking.
Locked Liquidity: if a project bags a slot, the bonded KSM automatically becomes inaccessible
Instant Liquidity: tokens for para chain liquidity staking can, however, be obtained instantly. Not just that, they are transferrable and usable on other platforms.
Bond DOT: during para chain slot actions, users bond DOT (also known as KSM) to a project on Polkadot.
Parachain liquid crowd loan token holders are automatically due to receive token rewards courtesy of the winning project.

Ankr Switch
Ankr Switch facilitates the swap of liquid staking tokens. By this, I mean swap between reward-bearing times and reward-earning tokens for the same asset.

Now that you know the fundamentals of Ankr staking, I’m going to add a very juicy tip just for you. Often when I tell folks about Ankr, I get the same question at the end of the conversation: how do I get liquid staking tokens? Well, that’s easy! You automatically get liquid staking tokens issued to you _your Ankr Staking Dashboard specifically_ when you stake these assets: BNB, FTM, ETH, and AVAX.



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